Suzhou Tianye Group Co., Ltd
Tianye Group is a market-oriented and customer-oriented modern private enterprise, established in 1995, with a registered capital of 135 million RMB. Besides Suzhou, tianye Group has factories in Huai 'an, Jiangsu province, Chengdu, Sichuan Province and Tianjin, with a plant area of 278,000 square meters.

Subordinate to 11 subsidiaries:
Suzhou Tianye Mechanical Engineering Co., LTD
Suzhou Tianye Sheet metal Products Co., LTD
Suzhou Tianye Plastic Products Co., LTD
Suzhou Tianye Precision Manufacturing Co. LTD
Suzhou Tianye Technology Co., LTD
Suzhou Tianye Medical Equipment Co., LTD
Suzhou Tianye Rail Transit Equipment Co., LTD
Tianye Technology (Tianjin) Co., LTD
Suzhou Tianye Intelligent Manufacturing Co. LTD
Huai 'an Tianye Aluminum Co., LTD
Chengdu Tianye Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD

After more than 20 years of development, the company has always adhered to the purpose of "technological innovation as the driving force, to meet customer needs as the goal", deep cultivation of the industry, continuous transformation and upgrading, continue to carry forward the "craftsman spirit" of excellence; Relying on strong comprehensive supporting processing capacity and research and development capacity, to provide customers with OEM and ODM products, fully meet the various needs of customers.

Service areas:
Communications, Power tools, industrial automation, automotive, medical fields, etc

Process supporting capacity:
◆ Sheet metal processing, stamping, injection molding, precision machine, aluminum extrusion, welding, fasteners (non-standard parts), assembly

Enterprise certification:
◆ISO9001 ◆IATF16949 ◆ISO13485 ◆ISO3834-2 ◆ISO14001 ◆ISO45001 ◆WCA ◆EN15085-2 CL1

Quality is the foundation of enterprise survival, integrity is the cornerstone of enterprise management, innovation is the resource guarantee of enterprise sustainable development. Tianye people always take "quality, reputation, innovation" as their own duty, to become the best manufacturing strategic partner for our vision, to provide customers with the most competitive products for our mission, constantly improve themselves, to excellence.
Production Strength
Sheet metal division
Sheet metal division
Stamping Division
Stamping Division
Welding division
Welding division
Precision machining division
Precision machining division
Injection molding division
Injection molding division
Testing instrument
Testing instrument
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Fast and efficient customer service system is the extension of the company's service. As a modern private enterprise oriented by market and customers, and providing a complete service provider for design and manufacturing, early planning and after-sales service are the focus of our attention.

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